Has narcissistic abuse ever made you worry that you were going crazy? Almost every single client that I have worked with has confessed that being around a Narcissist left them feeling like they were going crazy. Unless they used a synonym like “weird” or “losing their mind”, or feeling “out…

Can a narcissistic partner change in a heartbeat when they suddenly realize that they risk losing you once and for all? That is the question that victims of narcissistic abuse constantly ask themselves… in the hope of arriving at their preferred answer.

Survivors of narcissistic abuse really struggle to accept…

How did your narcissistic partner identify you as a suitable target from Day 1? What were their criteria — because people as calculating as Narcissists undoubtedly are surely had some criteria in mind?

How could they know, right from the get-go, that you were worth the trouble of pursuing —…

Annie Kaszina

Annie Kaszina PhD, founder of specializes in helping abused woman heal their heart and their lives.

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